Customization Solution

Innovative light-pipe solutions can look like minor modifications or a total customized design.

A customized workflow will provide the best improvements to cost, quality, and manufacturing efficiency. This workflow consists of:

  • A statement of work including requirements.
  • Simulation and modeling, optical analysis, and prototyping.
  • Product reliability and failure-analysis testing.
  • Full documentation, including certification and compliance for dock-to-stock operations.

Look for experts that have the capability to analyze designs and run simulations. The goal is to find the best solution, whether it only requires a slightly modified or highly customized design. Manufacturers that have years of experience should be able to recommend ways to improve the design and save costs. Enhancing designs can improve lead time, costs, reliability, and quality. Especially if these factors are considered up front when analyzing a design. Contact Bivar to discover how we can illuminate your next design.