How Light Pipes Could Improve Your Next Design

Designing for LED indication has its own challenges, but light pipes offer several ways to improve product performance and enhance design.

One of the advantages is more flexibility in the board layout. Light pipes eliminate the board layout’s positioning limitations, so LEDs do not require placement near the indication panel. This offers the additional bonus of extended product life due to positioning LED indication away from heat-generating components.

Spacing constraints and indication needs may create light bleed, which can be solved with Bivar’s ZeroLightBleed surface mount adapter. The ZeroLightBleed™ prevents light bleed for clear communication to the user, fitting over arrays of LEDs and reducing assembly to one step.

Another benefit of light pipes is EMI and ESD reduction. Locating an LED near an EMI source can create interference issues, which can be prevented with the use of a light pipe as light pipes are also immune to EMI.

The final benefit to product design is that not only are most light pipes press fit- enabling quick assembly, they also allow for more visually appealing designs. The dimensional options of light pipes enable designs that both enhance performance and appeal to users.

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