LED Illumination Solution for
Wearable Heart Monitor

Getting LED-illuminated medical products to market quickly and safely requires robust industry know-how and design.

One of the world’s leading patient monitoring companies needed an illumination solution for a wearable heart monitor. An LED indicator shows if the device is ‘on’ or needs charging. When activated, doctors can remotely assess heart rate and other vitals.

As a wearable, the light pipe needed to be small, and the lens profile had to be flush and not snag on clothing. It also needed to be simple and tool-less, so the patient can easily clean it. To top it off, the client needed parts right away to clear FDA approval.

Enter our medical-grade PLPC Series, available in a variety of body lengths and lens sizes. The PLPC2-100, only 2.5mm long, fit the size needs. Its flush lens can lay flat on the panel, with no protruding features. It also snaps right into the panel without tools or clips.

Through close communication with the client, Bivar was able to meet the prototype build timeline. The monitor was ready in time for FDA approval, so it could start improving patients’ lives.

Rigid light pipes are widely used in HMI indication applications. They must typically withstand medical cleaning and sterilization procedures, so an IP67 rating is required to provide complete protection against dust, airborne particles, water and liquids. Flexible light pipes play a slightly different role in medical technology as a critical component of Minimally-Invasive Surgical (MIS) procedures including heart surgery, colorectal surgery, kidney transplants, and many others.

During MIS, a laparoscope, a thin, tube-like instrument with a light and a lens for viewing - is inserted through one incision to guide the surgery. In-cavity lighting is the best choice for MIS procedures, and a flexible light pipe provides a highly targeted means of illuminating the inside of a surgical cavity – providing a critical function for physicians. High performance LED Indication and Illumination solutions serve a range of medical technology applications.