Light Pipes in Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is quite successful with the appropriate lighting. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and light pipes are crucial to the success of vertical farming systems. Let’s explore illumination solutions that can be incorporated into designs for agricultural infrastructure.

Modern vertical farms employ Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) practices. The purpose of CEA is to create a controlled environment for lighting, temperature, humidity, and air quality. LEDs are the most favorable choice of illumination technology, providing energy for photosynthesis. Bivar's light pipes are a key component in the user interface (UI) of lighting controls for vertical farming that help deliver the appropriate light spectrum and monitor each stage of growth.

Bivar’s light pipes prevent light bleed. Light bleed can lead to false readings, muted and blended colors which can lead to errors and miscommunication for the horticulturist or farmer. The light pipes maintain the integrity of the display data.

Bivar’s rigid light pipes RHD and PLTR series are perfect for user interface applications of various sizes. The RHD series front-mount lens is available in 6mm or 9mm. The PLTR series front-mount lens is available in 3mm or 5mm. Both are IP67 threaded retention for optimal protection. The SZ series is a flexible light pipe system with Zero Light Bleed™ technology and optional integrated surface mount LED.

Light pipe materials also serve as a heat sink, redirecting heat from LEDs.
Bivar’s IP67 ratings are ideal to protect against water, humidity, and dust. Bivar’s experts collaborate with designers to create the most suitable and unique designs. Contact Bivar to find the best illumination solution for your agricultural infrastructure project.