Rigid v.s. Flex Light Pipes

To minimize light bleed and ensure peak performance, designers must pay close attention to the pairing of the LED light source and the light pipe. Light bleed may cause false-readings, muted and blended colors, crosstalk between adjacent light pipes, and unwanted glow in the enclosure.

That's why it's vital to pair LEDs with the appropriate adapter best suited for your application depending on space constraints, power requirements, desired brightness, and PCB mounting requirements.

When a panel press-fit rigid light pipe is located over the LED, it allows for a certain amount of light bleed at the base of the light pipe. A flexible light pipe is designed to provide less light bleed with a coated optical fiber and a light resistant black adapter. Rigid and flexible light pipes can also be PCB mounted.

Bivar's innovative ZeroLightBleed™ (ZLB) technology eliminates light bleed in both rigid and flexible light pipes. The ZLB adapter channels light directly to the lens.