Rugged Harsh Environment Solutions

Bivar’s products illuminate in nearly every industry, especially rugged harsh environments. When electronic equipment happens to be in an outdoor setting, preparation is needed for rain, dirt, and vibration.

To ensure that light pipes will be durable and secure for rugged harsh environments, it’s important that they are IP rated, securely fastened, vibration resistant, have a large temperature range, and have secure mounting adapters.

Bivar has several product groups that are designed for rugged surroundings. Panel mount indicators are IP rated and available in plastic or metal housings. Rigid light pipes are also IP rated to withstand rugged harsh environments. Flexible light pipes have adapters that allow the light pipes to have an extra layer of vibration protection, along with IP rated lens for panel side protection.

Secure mounting is a feature which allows durability in light pipes. Bivar’s surface mount adapters with LEDs are able to withstand rugged environments. Another type of secure mounting is a firm retention adapter that compresses into the PCB and expands once inserted all the way giving it a secure fit. These secure mounting features keep the light pipes intact when there is vibration that the product will need to resist.

For added protection, just a dab of adhesive can help keep the light pipes secure.

You’ll find Bivar’s illuminating products in the following rugged environments: e-bikes, outdoor GPS sensors, fleet trucks, industrial elevated platforms, military equipment, ocean robotics, locomotive control systems, generators, fire alarm control systems, and more.