SGLC - Sealing Gasket Lens Cap

Bivar's SGLC is a polycarbonate Sealing Gasket Lens Cap that mounts on a panel to provide IP68 ingress protection to the interior of an enclosure.

The SGLC is available in 2 options. Dome Fresnel Style for panel thickness of 0.25in. and Flat Fresnel Style for panel thickness of 3mm and in various colors: clear, blue, green, red, and yellow.

The SGLC is designed to be hand pressed into the panel. The flanges compress as they go in and are released once installed, securing the lens to the panel. You won't need any tools.
The sealing gasket uses open cell polyurethane, it is specifically designed for water ingress protection. The adhesive is applied to both sides of the seal and there are plastic liners on both sides to make it ready to use.

SGLC is an Universal product that can be used on its own or paired with any of our light pipes, surface mount LEDs, and through-hole LEDs.
Importantly, (A) LED can be inserted all the way or recessed if a hotspot is visible. Having it recessed, (B) it's able to fill out the top of the lens. You don't have to look at the lens straight on. You can see illumination from the side as well.

The SGLC is being used in many new technology applications such as Rackmount & Rugged System Enclosures, EV Charging Equipment, smoke alarms and Carbon monoxide sensors in your home.

While there are many options to consider when using the SGLC such as LED viewing angle, brightness, and light pipe placement, Bivar can assist you to determine the best pairing for your application.