Small Scale Applications Using Light Pipes

Small scale applications continue to grow as handheld electronics get smaller and the use of battery power increases.

Bivar’s rigid light pipes and surface mount (SMD) LEDs are optimized for small scale applications. Bivar’s product for small scale applications are as small as a grain of rice or a piece of breakfast cereal.

We offer small industry standard SMD LEDs that pair well with panel press-fit rigid light pipes including the popular flush mount PLPC Series, paired with SM0402 LED, and the IP67 rated threaded retention PLTR Series paired with SMTL2 LED.

Bivar also has a board mount family of rigid light pipes to select from. These include post and firm retention mounting along with ZeroLightBleed™ adapters with built in surface mount LED.

Bivar products can be found in virtually any markets and applications you can think of. From surgical hand devices in the dental industry, a wearable cardiac monitoring system, and even a wearable belt for exercise!

Bivar products are also found in common everyday devices such as a socket tester, security keypad, and wireless controller.

You’ll find Bivar’s small scale products in various applications and markets where miniature SMD LEDs and rigid light pipes are needed particularly in handheld electronics, wearables, and common everyday products.

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