Understanding the Different Types of
LED Illumination

In the world of lighting technology, LEDs are an exceptional solution for many lighting applications. Let’s uncover why engineers should incorporate LED technology into their designs.

Multicolor LEDs are beneficial to indicate immediate statuses, such as a green light conveying a solid connection and a red light an error. LEDs and light pipes can be placed closely due to their compact size, making them suitable for complex instrument panels. From small switches to complex control panels, the compact size, durability, and efficiency of LEDs and light pipes make them suitable for functional illumination, which is critical for high-reliability applications such as automotive, aerospace, and healthcare.

If you’re designing an application with a screen, using the appropriate LEDs and light pipes will enhance readability and create a positive visual experience. These LEDs are ideal for backlighting and side lighting thanks to their small form factor and mounting style options. These efficient LEDs offer a longer lifespan compared to incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. LEDs and light pipes promote the safety and comfort of various spaces. Improve your next design with the appropriate LEDs for your lighting applications.