Using Light Pipes with Graphic Overlay

Graphic overlays are being used on all types of applications every day. Product Designers need a reliable cost-effective light source to ensure critical functional areas are well lit and highly visible, Bivar light pipes are meeting that need.

To fit today’s demanding requirements, Bivar light pipes move light over various distances and angles, and around obstacles to illuminate the panel graphic overlay; From short to long distances and low profile or right angle.

Light pipes with overlays can be used as a single light pipe or an array of light pipes. They are also well constructed to withstand rugged and harsh environment. Thanks to Bivar’s ZeroLightBleed™ technology, color crosstalk between light pipes and unwanted glow in the enclosure is eliminated.

We offer complete all-in-one part numbers for ease of assembly and inventory availability. Bivar’s light pipes are used with graphic overlays for applications such as industrial machinery, irrigation control, health and fitness equipment, and more.