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Gateway Communication

Rackmount Secure Handle Inactive Left Angle Transparent

Rackmount Secure Handle

Temperature and Humidity Sensor GN Left Angle Transparent

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Bivar Smart Wireless Gateways takes advantage of the tested and latest communications protocol technology, 4G/LTE ready. This allows Bivar’s Smart Wireless Sensors to communicate with the Bivar Smart System via Wi-Fi and cellular transmission.

Gateway Communication Center Left Angle
Gateway Communication Center Front
Gateway Communication Center Right Angle

Bivar Wireless Smart Gateways are the key to your IoT Solution when pairing Wireless Rackmount Handles or Temperature/Humidity Sensors. It is easy to set up, has a long range, and accommodates many needs in a compact form factor.

Bivar’s wireless Rackmount Secure Handle is a direct replacement of a passive non-smart server rack handle. Each wireless unit utilizes a single Lithium-Ion 3.6V battery, set to a one hour heartbeat, and an LED indicator for visual status support.

Rackmount Secure Handle Active Left Angle
Rackmount Secure Handle
Rackmount Secure Handle

Our sensor is a unique smart position monitoring device used with rackmount servers and/or rackmount network appliances for the data center community.  It utilizes long range communication and low power battery consumption set to last about 10 years under optimal conditions.

Bivar’s wireless Smart Temperature/Humidity Sensor with a standard footprint of only 2.75 in x 2.00 in x 1.13 in (70mm x 51mm x 29mm) is small enough that it can be mounted and/or placed in any environment – Each wireless unit utilizes a single Lithium-Ion 3.6V battery, set to a one hour heartbeat, will sure to last 10 years of life in optimal conditions.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor GN Left Angle
Temperature and Humidity Sensor GN Front
Temperature and Humidity Sensor GN Right Angle

The Wireless Temperature/Humidity Sensor is ideal for in server rooms/cabinets, industrial spaces, museums and greenhouses. It has great long range performance and low power battery consumption with about 10 years of life under optimal conditions.

Plug And Play Easy Setup

Simply Register the Gateway and Sensors by scanning a QR code on the mobile app or submitting the unique code through the browser-based application for instant status updates.

System Security Encryption

  • Secured Data Handling
  • Employs AES-128 Encryption that maintains security from sensor to gateway, and gateway to software

Tried-And-True Communication Protocols

  • 4G/LTE/3G/2G Cellular - Internet/Cloud Access
  • WiFi - 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac - Sensor data push to gateway

Wire-Free, Hassle-Free

Wireless connectivity between sensor - gateway - cloud.

Use Bivar's Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor to monitor critical environments such as server rooms and data centers.

Use Bivar's Wireless Rackmount Secure Handle to monitor critical environments such as Data Center and Room Server Rack’s Security Monitoring.

Bivar Smart Monitoring Software

Included with every Bivar Smart Technology Product

Bivar Smart monitoring software gives you the view and control of the sensors in your network. Available free through our mobile app (Android and iOS) and/or browser-based system on a PC, Mac or Linux operating systems. Our Bivar Cloud System is sure to meet the demands of every business.

Bivar’s free monitoring application includes:

  • Basic and Advance Configurations
  • Charts
  • History Reports (Requested)
  • Access Controls
  • Multiple Gateway and Wireless Sensor Access/Configuration
  • Internet Accessibility
  • Unlimited (Multiple) Single/Group Users – Email Registration
  • Unlimited Number of Sensors
  • Email Alerts
  • Push Notification SMS Messages
  • In-App Alerts
  • Support
  • Mobile App
  • (Unlimited) Saved History
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