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Bivar illuminates the way for innovative engineering teams so they can get products to market. Visit our site to learn more about our illumination solutions.

Your True Partner for LED Illumination

You can find our products illuminating nearly all industries—from spacecraft to race cars, subsea robotics to solar energy. Our specialized-engineering approach, developed over 60 years, makes us a chosen expert for over 30,000 customers around the globe that seek the best in LED indication.

At Bivar, we illuminate the way for innovative engineering teams so they can get sophisticated, quality products to market with an attention to detail that rivals your internal team.

Customers come to us to illuminate engineering needs like:

Illumination Applications

Why Bivar?

Bivar Journey

The Bivar story begins at the inception of the computer industry

Since the mid-1960s, we’ve grown alongside the very components we serve. It’s given us unparalleled insight into the selection you need to power your next technical breakthrough.

Through our customer-first approach, we’ve always remained a step ahead, fine-tuning our approach based on real-world feedback through thousands of decades-long relationships.


We’re all in this together

We know that a poor LED reading can negatively affect your user experience. So, we take immense pride in helping you design exceptional products that your customers can always rely on. 

Curves, tight spaces, and intricate technology demands—we have a solution! Our expansive portfolio helps you get light from point A to point B in ways others cannot match.

Our commitment to empowerment extends beyond your project—we’ve woven it into our corporate fabric. Our team members are more than employees; they’re employee-owners.

Through long-term relationships with global suppliers, contract manufacturers, and distribution partners, we have a reputation for diligence, expertise, and commitment to service.

LED Illumination That’s Made to Move

Light pipes carry illumination from LED source to an interface panel, ready for humans to evaluate and interact with.

Light pipes can snake around corners and tuck into tight spaces.

As products get smarter, indicators have even more information to share, making these considerations even more intriguing.

Our team will work hand-in-hand with yours on questions like these to discover the best light indicator components for your project.

1. How far do you need to carry light from its source?

The two leading light pipe solutions, flexible and rigid, are made to move light in different ways.

Rigid light pipes are best used in distances up to 3 inches, perfect for displays in close proximity to the circuit board. If you need to transmit light further, flexible designs extend transmissibility up to 330 feet.

2. How direct is the path from the source to its display location?

Polycarbonate rigid light pipes are the go-to design when sending light in a straight line or along a right angle.

But sometimes light needs to twist and turn inside a more complex enclosure or navigate around other componentry.

Flexible light pipes made from more bendable plastic materials can maneuver around corners and curves.

3. Are there competing light sources nearby?

It’s important to understand how light pipes will fit together. The glow of neighboring light pipes can dampen colors, yield confusing illumination, or lead to false readings.

Our ZeroLightBleed™ technology eliminates disruptive light bleed, so illumination is not only vibrant, but properly targeted.

4. What kind of stress will the light pipe undergo?

Dust, moisture, electrostatic discharge, sweltering temperatures, UV rays, and airborne particulates. Whether your product is used indoors or outdoors, light pipes provide protection against the elements. We offer a variety of IP-rated threading and sealing options to stand up to harsh conditions.

Flexible Light Pipes Rigid Light Pipes
● Made to move light over longer distances up to 330 feet from the source ● Can carry light over short distances (up to 3 inches), typically vertically or at a right angle
● Can curve and wind light around obstacles positioned between the LED and display lens ● Suitable for high-vibration conditions
● Cost-effective complete system for ease of sourcing and assembly ● Easy and secure panel press-fit mounting requires no PCB space

Industries that turn to Bivar when it’s their time to shine

Equipment Icon


Patient Systems | Commercial Laundry | Heavy Industrial | Audio

Modern indicators must communicate more information than ever: Bluetooth pairing, error or warning, booting up, standby, connection lost, listening for voice command, and more. These sophisticated systems squeeze LED placement closer together and require low-profile lenses that don’t interrupt user flow. Bivar can help you design ultra-intuitive human-machine interfaces that differentiate your product experience.

Monitoring Icon


Patient Monitoring Applications | Remote Systems | Sprinkler Systems | Motion & Fluid Control

Light pipes need to endure moisture, fluids, and heavy vibration in harsh outdoor conditions or high-stakes environments like hospitals. We bring together uninterrupted, easy-to-see illumination and reliable ingress protection into light pipes that can survive extremes. We provide lens options for more narrow or wider viewing angles and a range of lens styles to match your product’s structural design.

Power Icon


Wireless | Power Converters | Vehicle Battery

Lighter, slimmer, and sized to slide into a close-packed space. The days of bulky batteries are behind us. Automakers and cell phone designers come to us for LED Illumination that fits into an ultra-compact footprint of modern battery designs constructed from materials with UL flammability protection along with firm-retention mounts to withstand wear and tear from battery system maintenance and replacement.

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Sensor & Security

Security Camera Systems | Radar-Based Sensors | Network Surveillance | Construction

When it’s all on the line, a misread indicator can have serious consequences. We deliver mission-critical LED options that eliminate the risk of crosstalk. We offer standard light pipe arrays for multi-station communication, along with custom interlocking modules and unique configurations that enable uniform appearance across an entire product design platform.

Let’s work together to illuminate your next innovation