LED Indication for communication applications

Switches, Routers, Power Distribution Units, Storage Networking, Hand-held Devices and more

Our solutions

Eliminate Light Bleed

Bivar surface and board mount LPR and LPV rigid light pipes utilize Zero Light Bleed adapters to eliminate light leakage in and around the PCB and adjacent light pipes. Our light pipes are designed to maximize LED indicator illumination by channeling light directly to the lens.

Increase Visual Communications

Our light pipes provide LED indication in a wide variety of equipment to increase visual communications. Our rigid light pipes and pipe arrays are available in right-angle or vertical configurations to fit any kind of LED orientation on the PCB.

Maximize User Interface Control

Bivar LED light pipes can communicate a wide range of signals to users, enabling more efficient operation. Our LPAR and LPAV rigid light pipe arrays feature a quadruple station to optimize spacing in panels that require several LED indicators.

Achieve Greater Design Flexibility

Secure systems have diverse needs, and Bivar light pipes are available in a variety of shapes, colors, footprints, IP ratings, and voltages to suit diverse applications. Zero Light Bleed light pipes can move the light around design obstacles while minimizing light loss. We also offer custom solutions to meet application-specific requirements.