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Industrial Laundry Machine Needed a Light Pipe Solution

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Commercial laundry machines are used in a variety of industries, including the restaurant industry to launder cloth napkins, the hotel industry to clean towels and linens, and the healthcare industry to freshen patient gowns and linens. These machines have LED indicator lights to indicate the status of the washing cycle, among other uses.

Bivar has provided light pipe solutions for these industrial machines. One of our customers had a commercial washing, drying, and ironing system, and needed assistance to connect their LED indicators to the associated hardware.

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As this client was installing their laundry system, they noticed that they needed a light pipe to connect hardware in the back of the enclosure to the control light indication panel at the top of the machine. Their other requirements included the need for the light pipe to be IP rated to prevent dust and water intrusion. The pipe also needed to fit through tight spaces and move around hardware and other components.

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Bivar’s SZ IP54 Series of the ZeroLightBleed™ Flexible Light Pipes were perfect for this application. With a range of lens sizes and shapes, standard and custom lengths, and its availability in an IP54 rated configuration, this light pipe fulfilled all 3 requirements for this client. The light pipe successfully connected the hardware with the front control panel, it was IP rated, and its flexibility allowed the customer to weave the light pipe through their components. The laundry machine’s LED was successfully illuminated on the control panel with no light leakage due to Bivar’s ZeroLightBleed™ technology.