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Flexible Light Pipe Used in Energy Storage

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Renewable energy and climate change are hot topics in society today. Energy storage is a growing industry, in which companies capture and store energy for later use. This helps minimize imbalances between energy demand and production.

One of Bivar’s energy storage clients needed assistance with developing the appropriate LED indication system for their units.

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This customer was looking for a flexible light pipe that could stretch from a printed circuit board (PCB) to a control panel. While it initially seemed like a simple task, their team encountered difficulty when they realized that the light pipe’s path was perpendicular to the front panel; there were also several obstacles that they needed to work around. In addition, the light pipe needed to have no light leakage from the adapter and maximum light transmission to the lens.

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Bivar’s SZR Series filled this customer’s need with ease. This series has a flexible light pipe available in long distances, which was perfect for this application. The ZeroLightBleed™ adapter maximized the LED’s brightness on the control panel while ensuring there was no light leakage surrounding the adapter and along the pipe.

This design also included a low profile right-angle adapter, allowing the pipe to fit through the energy storage unit and appropriately move around the obstacles within a tight space. The SZR Series filled this client’s need, and they were successfully able to connect the PCB to the control panel with a single solution system.

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