Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Needed a Rigid Light Pipe for Ruggedness

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Marine technology, including energy storage systems and the latest battery technology require clear illumination at all times in all types of weather conditions. Located near sea water, light pipes need to be robust and able to withstand salt water. One of our clients builds hydrogen fuel cell systems that reduce carbon emissions and came to us with a unique challenge.

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This marine client needed LEDs to illuminate their storage system to allow safe work conditions. Located near the sea, the LEDs needed to reliably operate through harsh temperatures, high wind speeds, salt water, and marine pollution.

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The LPV Series of ZeroLightBleed™ adapters suited this client’s needs. They selected this vertical rigid light pipe, which was specifically designed for ruggedness perfect for the outdoors along with the ability to withstand vibration. These products have a built-in SMD LED, with several different length options varying from 0.350 to 2 inches. This allowed our client options to choose the best product for their application. While they only needed standard light, the LPV Series is offered in various colors, and is equipped with a polarity stripe for easy installation. The ZeroLightBleed™ adapter further improves the device’s durability, which allowed this client to focus on what they do best – building hydrogen fuel cell systems, contributing to environmental awareness initiatives.

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