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Data Chip Security Readers Need IP-Rated Sealing Gasket Lens Cap

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Data chip readers are used by homeowners, businesses, and government agencies to keep locations secure. These chips are embedded in a badge or key card that individuals and employees use to gain access to secure rooms. One of our clients manufactures data chips for security purposes. As these devices undergo everyday use, they must be designed to withstand the day-to-day wear and tear and have a long life for ongoing use.

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This client had created a data chip reader that needed to show an indication status. They were looking for an IP-rated LED and a robust lens cap that could withstand rugged environments for at least 5 years. The lens cap also needed to be illuminating and easily visible.

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Bivar’s SGLC (sealing gasket lens cap) Series met all of these needs. With an IP68 rated sealing gasket, this lens cap was specifically designed with extra ingress protection for use in harsh environments. The device can be purchased with a low dome profile or a flat lens, both with a wide viewing angle. It is also compatible with Bivar’s Rigid, Flexible Light Pipe, SMD LEDs, and Through-Hole LEDs, making this lens a versatile product for broad use across many industries. The lens diameter is 7.1mm and is offered in 2 different thicknesses (2.56mm or 6.35mm), allowing you to choose the best lens for your intended application.

For this client, we recommended the low-profile dome lens cap and IP68 rated sealing gasket. This lens cap was compatible with the 5MM (T-1 ¾) Series through-hole LED for extra protection in the intended use environment. Moreover, the LED size was easily viewable when illuminated. Our client was able to achieve their design goals with these off-the-shelf components, saving them time and resources.

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