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SZR Used in Communication Infrastructure for Data Storage

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Bivar’s customer requested guidance in creating an LED indication system for their units that would produce vibrant and uniform LED indication. Finding a flexible light pipe that could travel from a printed circuit board
(PCB) to the control panel while accommodating various obstructions along the way proved to be a considerable challenge for their team. The light pipe’s path was perpendicular to the front panel, and the light pipe had to transmit the highest level of light possible to the lens while preventing light leakage from the adapter.

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After carefully analyzing the customer’s requirements, Bivar suggested the SZR Series as the ideal answer to their design problem. SZR comes with a low-profile right-angle adapter that was incorporated into the design, allowing the light pipe to pass through the energy storage unit and avoid obstacles. This series is the perfect choice for this application since it has a flexible light pipe that works well over extended distances. Also, the ZeroLightBleed™ adapter prevented light from leaking throughout the length of the pipe while enabling the LED to shine as brightly as possible on the control panel.

The SZR Series effortlessly fulfilled the customer’s application requirements by offering a single-part numbersolution that effectively connected the PCB to the control panel.

SZR1-X.XX-F4PX-X Mounted Exploded View Black

Product Feature

Bivar’s SZR Series features a low-profile flexible light pipe system
with ZeroLightBleed™ technology. This low-profile solution is best
for routing LED light in confined spaces to satisfy the requirements of
applications with restricted space.

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