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Smart Paddle Needed Illuminating Light Pipes in Harsh Environment

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Simple paddling of boats is becoming a thing of the past. One of our clients is on the forefront of smart paddling design. They’ve created paddles that are more efficient than other methods, complete with a full set of metrics, including paddle power, stroke rate, and timing. They worked with Bivar to generate their latest smart paddle technology.

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This customer needed light indicators for their paddle. The indicators were used to communicate low power to the user and to collect paddle data and metrics. Since the paddles were intended for use scenarios near the water, they needed a light that was durable, with appropriate features for long-term use in harsh environments. They also wanted the light to be visible from a far distance, so the light needed to be bright and large enough to be easily viewed.

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Bivar’s LPV Series with a built-in SMD LED was the right fit for this client’s smart paddle. The device’s ZeroLightBleed™ surface mount adapter helped ensure that the light was bright while eliminating cross talk. They selected a 4mm lens size, the largest of the LPV Series, for its clear visibility from a far distance. They were able to easily install the LPV light pipe by following the polarity identification stripe on the adapter. The rigid light pipe with built-in surface mount LED was designed for ruggedness and reliability, suitable for this application’s intended use in harsh environments.

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