MLPS used in Fire Alarm Control Panel

MLPS used in Fire Alarm Control Panel

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One of Bivar’s customers was developing a fire alarm control panel (FACP) to verify the effectiveness of emergency equipment. An FACP is the controlling element of a fire alarm system; the panel receives data from
equipment installed to detect fires. The customer found limited solutions in the marketplace; however, Bivar’s Modular Light Pipe System (MLPS) was available with multiple configurations resulting in exactly what the customer required.

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By employing 2x6 configurations for the control panel, the customer was able to leverage MLPS to transmit visual patterns to enhance awareness of signal line circuit faults and use different colors to inform technicians of various alarms. The ZeroLightBleed™ Tower adapter from MLPS enables clients to utilize many SMD LEDs with a compact footprint and removes light interference.

To fulfill the short delivery date, the customer received the prototype and production output within a reduced three-week lead time. The MLPS is a single-part number system that is an entire unit with a four-post mounting style for fast installation. This made it possible for the customer to launch their product considerably more quickly and easily with this single part number solution system.


Product Feature

The MLPS Series also integrates with a ZeroLightBleed™ adapter to eliminate light bleed. This Modular Light Pipe System is vital for emergency equipment with its multiple configurations and fast installation.

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