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ZeroLightBleed™ Needed for Skin Laser System

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Laser systems are often used for medical or aesthetic procedures, like acne treatment, skin rejuvenation, long-term hair removal, and tattoo removal. These skin laser machines use a laser which emits light that is absorbed by the hair/skin’s pigment, or melanin. The light energy emitted damages the skin or hair follicle, which provides lasting results.

One of Bivar’s customers who creates skin laser machines asked our team for assistance with their laser technology. They needed a long distance flexible light pipe with no light bleed for their machine to connect their PCB to the LED light panel.

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Throughout the skin laser machine development process, this client was experiencing challenges with their panel indication. Since the machine uses several LEDs close to one another, they needed a ZeroLightBleed™ integration to prevent false positive indication on the machine’s operator panel. In this client’s system, they needed a flexible light pipe which stretched from the hardware at the center of the console to the control light indication panel. However, this customer had a limited gap between their enclosures, so they needed a thin light pipe.

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Bivar’s experience with ZeroLightBleed™ systems allowed us to provide this customer with an easy solution. Our ZeroLightBleed™ Flexible Light Pipes for Enclosures and Cabinets product line were a perfect match for what their laser machine needed. This is an all-in-one solution, eliminating any disruptive light bleed while providing the added length to maneuver around their equipment.

We recommended the SZ Series with built-in SMD LED for this application due to the minimal LED luminosity tolerances characteristic to laser systems. The 10” light pipe resolved the challenge, ensuring that the LED indicator was appropriately illuminated on the indication control panel.

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