Metal Panel Mount Indicators with a Dome Lens in standard and IP54 sizes 3mm, 5mm, 8mm. Range of Voltages include 5V, 12V, 24V, 110V, 220V. Available without wires or with wires stripped/tinned, quick connect terminals, or .100 connector, and a range of LED colors.

Available Options:


Additional information

Wire Length

12.0 in., 12.5 in., 18.0 in., 35.0 in., 4.0 in., 6.0 in., 6.5 in., 8.0 in., N/A

Housing Material



No Wires, Quick Connect Terminals, Wires Stripped/Tinned, Wires Stripped/Tinned .100 Connector


1.7VDC, 110V, 12V, 12VDC, 2.0VDC, 2.1VDC, 220V, 24V, 2VDC, 4VDC, 5V, Low Current

Lens Size

3mm, 3mm IP54, 5mm, 5mm IP54, 8mm IP54

Lens Profile

Dome, Dome Diffused, Dome Diffused Tinted, Dome Tinted, Recessed Dome Diffused

Panel Cutout


LED Color/Wavelength

Amber/605nm, Blue/430nm, Blue/465nm, Blue/470nm, Green/515nm, Green/525nm, Green/555nm, Green/568nm, Red 625nm/Green 568nm, Red/625nm, Red/645nm, Red/700nm, White/10000K, White/4500K, Yellow/590nm

Luminous Intensity

100mcd, 10mcd, 125mcd, 125nm, 165mcd, 1880mcd, 2.5mcd, 205mcd, 2090mcd, 20mcd, 250mcd, 25mcd, 2610mcd, 2mcd, 30mcd, 310mcd, 35mcd, 40mcd, 415mcd, 4910mcd, 4mcd, 50mcd, 520mcd, 5mcd, 605mcd, 60mcd, 625mcd, 6mcd/6mcd, 70mcd, 7315mcd, 80mcd, 835mcd